Specific’s Reveal™ system delivers phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) results in an average of 5 hours, directly from positive blood culture or isolates. Based on standard 96-well microdilution panels, Reveal is affordable and provides accurate minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) results with wide antimicrobial coverage. Reveal is affordable and easy to use. Sample preparation is just a simple dilution of a positive blood culture fluid or suspension of an isolate. The system’s small footprint and modular design enables a stackable, space-efficient scalability of use with minimal disruption to existing laboratory workflow.

The simple elegance of the Reveal AST system extends to the instrument. The small modular instrument holds 4 panels, 2 in each drawer and is designed to be stacked to meet the demands of the largest labs. Because each instrument is small, Reveal will not take much of your lab space. The instrument has no fluidics, uses no reagents and will require only the most basic maintenance.

Specific’s novel, patented Small Molecule Sensor (SMS) arrays™ respond to the small, volatile, metabolic components produced by microorganisms to detect growth, assess antibiotic efficacy, and determine microorganism ID.

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Reveal AST™

  • Modular and expandable

  • Fully automated, walkaway, results

  • Easy loading, at a glance status

  • Standard and custom reports, LIS connectivity

  • Small, 8 in tall (20 cm) x 17 in wide (43 cm)

  • Low maintenance, no reagents, no fluidics.

Product in development. Specifications subject to change.