The sensor array

Specific’s novel, patented small molecule sensor (SMS) array responds to the metabolic byproducts produced by microorganisms to detect growth, assess antibiotic efficacy, and determine microorganism ID. This high-dimensional sensor array system detects low (part per billion) concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in very complex mixtures. The high-dimensional printed array of color-active chemical indicators embedded in a nanoporous matrix has distinct chemical reactivity with volatile species and changes color differently upon exposure to different VOCs and VOC mixtures.

Each of the array of over 70 indicators very sensitively changes color, creating a high-dimensional and specific fingerprint allowing identification of the species or mixture presented. Because the reactive indicators are highly diverse chemically, a very wide range of chemical species can be selectively detected. Placed in a culture, the resulting pattern of color changes comprises a high-dimensional fingerprint of the cell type for bacteria species and strain.