Specific is built upon a driven team, committed to patient care and microbiology diagnostics. We strive to make a difference and positively impact human life.


Dr. Paul Rhodes, PhD CEO

Dr. Rhodes founded Specific to transform microbiology diagnostics by developing new paradigms based upon the detection of volatiles emitted from microorganisms as they grow. He defines the vision for Specific’s novel and important applications and leads the selection and development of the company’s most important collaborative research relationships. Dr. Rhodes also established Specific’s first overseas office in the BioData Innovation Centre on the grounds of the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, which houses the Sanger Institute. Prior to Specific, Dr. Rhodes founded Evolved Machines, where he was PI for the DARPA RealNose program, directing a team of 8 universities and corporations to deliver an end-to-end artificial olfaction device capable of canine-competitive sensitivity in real-world conditions. During this project Dr. Rhodes oversaw the successful development of the first integrated nanotube FET sensor array, along with advances in the engineering of the Suslick sensor that is the heart of the Specific Technologies products. Dr. Rhodes’ education includes an AB in Physics magna cum laude from Harvard University, an MS in Physics from Stanford University, and a PhD in Neuroscience from NYU Medical School.

Ray Martino COO

Ray brings to Specific a track record of successful business leadership and technology development. Prior to joining Specific, Ray served as CTO of Motorola’s $2B enterprise business. Prior to Motorola, Ray held increasing roles including CTO and General Manager at Symbol Technologies as the company grew from $20M in sales to over $2B before being acquired by Motorola in 2007 for nearly $4B. As a pioneer of WiFi, Ray’s team was first to market WiFi products. His development record includes many first-in-the-world, category-creating products including: the world’s first mobile computer with WiFi, world’s first WiFi network infrastructure switch and the world’s first wearable mobile computing system.