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ID directly from blood culture in hours. Not hours or days. Our innovative and propiatary colormetric sensor array technology enables ID determination within 4 hours on average directly in the vial. This allows patients to get accurate organism identification and proceed with treatment in the fastest time possible, preserving life, reducing hospital stays and saving healthcare dollars.

Less Labor

Designed for speed, ergonomics, error reduction and efficiency, our solution only requires a dilution from positive blood culture before a fully automated rapID Dx ™ outcome can be determined.

Lowest Cost

Our sensor technology is inherently low cost and simple, enabling disposable (and instrument) costs well within the expectations of microbiology labs today.

Spatiotemporal Heatmaps Show Species-Specific Sensor Patterns Unfolding in Time During Growth in Culture

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The colorimetric change in each of the sensors from the ID array during growth in culture is represented above. This change generates a pattern for each species that is clearly differentiable.