March 28

Specific Diagnostics achieves CARB-X milestone and advances its Reveal™ rapid antibiotic susceptibility test for life-threatening drug-resistant infections towards clinical testing

Specific Diagnostics announced today that, based on the achievement of development and testing milestones, CARB-X has proceeded with a second stage of funding for Specific’s Revealrapid antibiotic susceptibility test (AST) instrument.  Specific will receive up to $1.7 million, which is on top of the $1.7 million already awarded by CARB-X. The additional $1.7M will enable Specific’s preparation for clinical trials in 2019 of this important new diagnostic system.  The original CARB-X award, announced April 4, 2018, helped support development of the Reveal AST system, which offers the same-day susceptibility results needed to change the way drug-resistant infections are diagnosed and treated.


June 7

Specific Diagnostics Announces that Dr. Ellen Jo Baron has Joined its Scientific Advisory Board

Specific Diagnostics is very pleased to announce that Ellen Jo Baron, Ph.D., D(ABMM), who for the last 8 years has been the Executive Director of Medical Affairs at Cepheid, has joined Specific’s Scientific Advisory Board.  Dr. Baron, among many other accomplishments, is also a Professor Emerita at Stanford, and a past Medical Director of the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory at Stanford.  Having spent much of the last decade communicating the impact of rapid molecular diagnostic assays to hospitals on Cepheid’s behalf, she brings to Specific unique understanding of and perspective regarding the practical needs of customers as antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection poses an increasingly urgent challenge.