Specific’s Reveal™ system delivers rapid phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) in an average of 4 hours, directly from positive blood culture.  Reveal provides minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) results with accuracies exceeding those of some reference methods, wide antimicrobial coverage, and identification of species responsible for >90% of bloodstream infections.  With sample preparation just a simple dilution of a positive blood culture fluid, the Reveal system uniquely speeds time to answer while offering a cost enabling widespread adoption.

Specific’s novel, patented small molecule sensor (SMS) arrays™ respond to the small, volatile, metabolic components produced by microorganisms to detect growth, assess antibiotic efficacy, and determine microorganism ID.

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Reveal AST™

  • Phenotypic MIC in an average of 4 hours

  • Directly from positive blood culture samples

  • Clinically validated (ECCMID 2018)

  • Simple sample prep, just a dilution of
    positive blood culture

  • Modular expandable instrument
    throughput 10-20/day

Product in development. Specifications
subject to change.